About us !

          Eastern Bird Supplies was established June 1st, 1995. Its president, François Fillion, had work for the company L.Fillion & fils for 21 years. September 11 2013, the company was sold and purchase by Esther, (François and Julie’s daughter), and her husband Joscelyn. Therefore creating a new company named Eastern Birds Supplies (2013) inc.! It’s with pride that the Fillion family and their 10 employees are at your disposition to offer a superior range of quality animals.

        We possess a quarantine station approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to import our exotic birds. We also have a Canadian breeding network.

          We are breeder of Love birds, Senegal Parrots, Cockatoo, Parrotlet, Cockatiels and Quaker.

          Our specialities are: Europe Canary (Waterslager, German Roller, Norwich, Glostes, Parisian Frill, Lizard, etc.), African Grey Baby Parrot, Conure, Love Birds, Quaker and plenty others. We also have small animals such as ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits as well as rodents. We work every day for their well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

          Furthermore, we are always looking for new Canadian partner to buy or exchange, we are also buyers of hand nourished and good healthy baby parrots.